final bring hi-fi audio to the world of portable gaming

Japanese high-end audio brand final enters the world of gaming with the new VR3000 gaming earphones

final vr3000 gaming earphones

December 3rd 2020, Shoreham-by-Sea: final, the Japanese high-end audio specialist, has announced their first step into the world of gaming with the new VR3000 gaming earphones – set to be released on 10/12/20.

With the appreciation in high performance gaming equipment on the rise – the final VR3000 brings a fresh approach to delivering the highest audio quality, revolutionising the gaming experience.

final VR3000 for Gaming

final has been involved in the audio industry for over 50 years, always innovating with cutting edge technology and design. The VR3000 is final’s first pair of earphones created specifically for the purpose of gaming.

The final VR3000 is an in-ear monitor, designed to be small and extremely lightweight – delivering headphone-like special sound with pinpoint accuracy and clarity. The in-ear design also allows for better mobility and device compatibility when compared to larger, more power-hungry headphones and headsets.

Equipped with an in-line microphone and 3 button controller, the final VR3000 has a simple plug-and-play design allowing for in-game voice chat for a complete gaming experience.

final vr3000 gaming earphones

Balanced and Distinctive Sound

“All sounds are important to win a game”

final believe that gaming earphones should not only deliver deep resounding sounds such as booming effects and bassy rumbles – players also require high levels of accuracy, clarity and 3D special awareness in order for them to turn a game around and really get the most out of their experience.

In order to achieve this, the final VR3000 features a dedicated in-house designed 6mm dynamic driver, capable of delivering sound with exceptional depth, clarity and accuracy.

Combining the meticulously made driver, with sound tuning based on final’s own extensive research into spatial audio – the VR3000 delivers every detail distinctly with an accurate perception of direction and distance to help players bring their A-game.

Experience games as a whole

Enjoy all sounds as developers intended

Game developers these days invest a large amount of their budget into sound production, spending time and money on professionally recorded background music – sometimes using full orchestras, original sound effects and dialogue delivered by some of the finest actors. All of this is to help players become fully immersed into the game, experiencing all of the emotions that captivate us – heavily impacting gameplay.

final understand the importance of sound, and the VR3000 takes full advantage of the effort put into these games – necessary to hear the true sound as intended by game developers.

final vr3000 gaming earphones

Tech Specs

Housing: ABS

Driver: 6mm dynamic

Cable: 3.5mm / 1.2 oxygen-free cable w/ microphone

Sensitivity: 101dB/mw

Impedance: 18 ohm

Price: £69.99 / $79.99 / €74.99

Release date: 10/12/2020

Availability: Amazon UK / US / EU, Hifiheadphones

VR3000 image assets: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uL0fjQHAACrCfxXlFaubX6-AWkyq1JI1?usp=sharing

final vr3000 gaming earphones

About final

final is a Japanese high-end audio brand established in the 1970s. final create earphones and headphones employing cutting-edge technology.

To deliver the best sound quality for different purposes through their headphones, final’s researchers and engineers perform extensive in-house research in acoustic engineering, spatial audio and psychology aiming to bring revolutionary breakthroughs to the world of audio and sound.

final UK contact

John Creigan

++44 (0) 1903 768919




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