Forbes praise the Final E500 – Review

Final E500 Review – Forbes

Final E500 review forbes

Forbes review the Final E500


These Brilliant New Earphones Are This Year’s Best Bargain


“Words can’t do adequate justice to how good these earphones sound for the money.”

“for the money, these have to be the best-sounding wired earphones I’ve heard recently for under $100.”

“These bargain earphones have clearly been tuned by someone with golden ears.”

“if you’re absolutely crazy about music and you want to get the best sound out of your smartphone, you simply can’t do better for the money.”

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Designed to be combined with virtual reality and gaming, the Final E500 create a naturally spacial sound with a heightened sense of direction. This is the earphone the serious VR gamer has been waiting for. With smooth and natural frequency response the E500 is able to produce vivid sound with natural spaciousness making sound come to life.

E500 is armed with the same dynamic driver as the rest of the E-series with clear and well-balanced sound image across the complete frequency range. Every part has been carefully assembled with levels of attention and care unusual for dynamic drivers at this price point.

Made from highly resilient ABS thermoplastic polymer material the E500 are light-weight, robust while diminishing vibrations that would distort the sound. The simple housing of the E500 is able to withstand daily use while keeping in line with the design philosophy of Final earphones.

Precise sound delivery is achieved with the unique swing fit mechanism as the earpieces can be tilted towards the audio canal for a perfect fit. This system conveys the sound directly to the eardrum resulting in clear and easy listening with the highest precision.



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