Headfonics review the Final A8000 earphones

Final A8000 Audiophile Earphones – Headfonics Review


Headfonics review the Final A8000 earphones


the A8000 would be an excellent choice


“The A8000 has excellent clarity, works well with different genres of music and sounds very upbeat and uncolored.”

“The elegant and intense treble is what separates the A8000 from the crowd. The A8000’s agile, textured upper frequencies are incredibly articulate and airy. They are very adept for intricate high-frequency reproduction without sounding clinical and harsh.”

“The lows are fast and impactful, energetic and dynamic with excellent control and no noticeable roll-off. Its sub-bass can be heard decaying into space with yet still retaining an excellent level of resolution.”

“The A8000 presentation delivers a lot of micro-detail with great control over sudden volume changes in orchestral works that require excellent dynamic range, with terrific response speed while keeping articulation smooth.”

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Introducing the new flagship in the Final IEM earphone line-up: the single dynamic driver A8000 IEM earphones. Merging tried and tested knowledge and technologies, the A8000 benefits from Final’s subjective stance of creating the best possible audio. Armed with a special single dynamic driver inserted in a precision-machined stainless steel chassis, the A8000 is suitable for a wide range of musical genres with a universal sound.

Final A8000 uses a diaphragm made from ultra-thin Beryllium foil, which is an ideal driver diaphragm material due to its lightweight and high sound speed. The adoption of pure Beryllium leads to improved time response that greatly creates timing, while the sharpness of sound build-up and the lingering resonance of the sound can clearly be felt.



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