Final E500 Review – Stuff Award 5 Stars

Final E500 Review

Stuff Award 5 Stars


Stuff Final E500 Review - 5 Stars

Stuff Awards Final E500 5 Stars


Cheapest, cheerfulest


“In the end it’s quite difficult not to be impressed by the E500s. And if, like some people around here, you rashly pre-judged them based on price alone, well – you may even feel a little embarrassed.”

“dropping £20 on a pair of these is an absolute no-brainer. These are a proper, genuine upgrade for next-to no money.”

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Simulating the real world depends on every nuance being reproduced accurately for a convincing experience. Final E500 earphones have been developed to create the ideal sound backdrop that conveys ideal spatial imaging and sense of direction when used in virtual reality gaming scenarios.

Final E500 earphones have been equipped with the standard E-series dynamic driver that delivers high-resolution sound. It has been inserted into a specially tuned chamber that creates an ideal spatial environment. The small-aperture dynamic driver of the E500 has not been tuned to boost any frequencies and produces a balanced natural sound.

To achieve the shortest path of sound waves to the eardrum, the Final E500 have been designed with a unique swing fit mechanism that enables the earpieces to be positioned and tilted to the ideal orientation towards the ear-canal. With this design, the sound is propelled directly to the ear canal.



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