64 Audio Custom IEMs – Now In The UK

64 Audio Universal and Custom Earphones now in the UK

64 Audio Custom Earphones

64 Audio

KS Distribution is pleased to announce a new partnership with 64 Audio; bringing this market leading Universal and Custom In-Ear Monitor brand to the UK.

64 Audio prides itself in challenging traditional in-ear monitor design with exclusive technologies that provide true benefits for musicians and music lovers alike.

Founded in 2010 by Vitaliy Belonozhko, a sound engineer who has been working with musicians and production companies in the Northwest of America for nearly two decades. He discovered the advantages of IEMs over traditional floor “wedges” and recognised that a better solution to in-ear monitoring was needed. The company was rebranded to 64 Audio in September 2015.

Groundbreaking Technology

  • APEX

When you seal a miniature speaker in an ear canal, the air inside becomes trapped. As the speaker produces sound it moves the air and causes the eardrum to work excessively. The pressure exerted on the eardrum causes ear fatigue, also known as listener fatigue.

  • TIA – Tubeless In-Ear Audio

The Tia challenges traditional in-ear monitors with a tubeless design that brings new meaning to resolution and transparency. This eliminates a lot of the vibrations and resonances that are inherent in conventional, closed balanced armature designs.

  • 3D-Fit

One of the main technologies 64 Audio use to stand out against the competition is 3D-Fit. Custom monitors are normally made by trimming down ear impressions, dipping them in wax then making a negative impression with silicone.

64 Audio 3D scans the ear impressions, digitally refines them, and then 3D prints the main shells. This allows for greater accuracy which translates to a better fit and comfort.

Meet The 64 Audio Family

64 Audio specialises in Custom and Universal IEMs, providing market leading in-ears to musicians such as Beyonce, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Bon Jovi and Joss Stone; as well as engineers, audiophiles and everyone in-between all over the world.

“Absolutely loving my new in ears, never been so comfortable wearing IEMs on stage, thanks 64 Audio”

– Joss Stone

“I am loving my new 64 ears! They have helped me out so much on my last tour! I can definitely tell a difference when I am performing with them.”

– Zendaya

“Let me go on Record saying, these are the best in ears I have ever used. They sound amazing. I’m a bass player so I need a lot of low end, clarity and mid range. They provide everything that I personally need. Whether I’m in the studio, or on stage with Justin Timberlake or Rihanna rockin a stadium or arena, they work! They’re the best!”

– Eric Smith (Rhianna, Justin Timberlake)

“Those 1964 In Ears are fantastic! They’re great on the road, they’re sturdy, the sound quality doesn’t get much better!”

– Earth Wind & Fire

The 64 Audio range consists of Custom models and Universal models.

Custom IEM Range

  • A2e Dual Driver – £599 – 3D-Fit / Apex
  • A3e Triple Driver -£799 – 3D-Fit / Apex
  • A4t Quad Driver – £1099 – 3D-Fit / Apex / Tia
  • A6t Six Driver – £1399 – 3D-Fit / Apex / Tia
  • N8 Hybrid Nine Driver – £1799 – 3D-Fit / Apex/ Tia
  • A12t Twelve Driver – £2099 – 3D-Fit / Apex / Tia
  • A18t Eighteen Driver – £3099 – 3D-Fit / Apex / Tia
64 Audio Custom Earphones

64 Audio A2e, A3e, A4t, A6t, A12t

Universal IEM Range

  • U12t Twelve Driver – £1999 – Apex / Tia
  • Tia Trio Hybrid Triple Driver – £2299 – Apex / Tia
  • U18t Eighteen Driver – £2999 – Apex / Tia
  • Tia Fourte Hybrid Quad Driver – £3599 – Apex / Tia
  • Fourte Noir Hybrid Quad Driver – £3799 – Apex / Tia
64 Audio Universal Earphones

64 Audio U12t, Tia Trio, U18t, Tia Fourte

UK Dealers

About 64 Audio

Today, with a staff of over 70 people and a team of some of the best minds, 64 Audio
has become the most innovative in-ear monitor manufacturer in the industry, supplying products
worldwide and to some of the best-known bands and engineers in the world. With new and
unrivalled technologies such as tia, apex, and LID, 64 Audio excels in challenging traditional
earphone designs with unique and innovative audio products.

For a review sample or more information about the 64 Audio range, please contact John Creigan at marketing@ksdistribution.co.uk or +44 (0)1903 768919.



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