Final B Series Earphones Released

Final B Series Earphones Now Available – B1, B2 and B3

Final Earphones

Final B Series Earphones

KS Distribution is happy to announce the launch of the new B Series range of earphones from Final – B1, B2 and B3 models.

Final was established in Japan, 1974 by the late Kanemori Takai. Their first release was a groundbreaking turntable cartridge for its time, using a figure of eight air-core coil and a cantilever cut from a one carat diamond – producing extremely clear sound quality and being regarded very highly.

From there, Final carried on creating original hi-fi products such as amplifiers, CD players and speakers and began to sell whole systems directly to the customer.

After acquiring a new headphone and earphone factory in 2009, the Final Audio Design brand was born. This began the manufacturing of earphones as well as creating earphones and headphones for OEM. Final manufacture out of their own facilities and develops their own drivers, as outside supplies do not meet their needs.

In 2013 Final released their first headphone, and from then on have continued to create products that not only deliver high quality audio – they also stand out with their unique design and attention to detail.

Today the Final range consists of headphones and earphones from as little as £29 all the way up to £2999.

Introducing… Final B Series

The B Series from Final is new territory for the leading Japanese brand, incorporating multiple driver setups for the first time in their standard line-up of earphones.

Drawing on their years of experience and learning from previous releases such as their E-Series and MAKE series – the new B Series range of earphones looks to take Final to another level, with a new concept and internals.

Final believe that each model has its own quality, and they want to move away from a model numbering system that is guided by the price – each model in the B Series has the potential to be someone’s favourite and the price should not influence the decision. The models are numbered according to when they were created – a simple and unique philosophy which shows Final’s value in every product they create.

B Series Line-Up

Final B Series Earphones

Final B1, B2 and B3

With a stainless steel housing finished in chrome rose gold, the B1 definitely stands out. Inside each housing is a hybrid setup of 1 balanced armature driver and 1 dynamic driver – both developed by Final themselves. The silver plated copper replaceable cable adds the finishing touch to this stunning earphone. The B1 has been tuned to put you right in the middle of the action, with a lively sound that delivers very high resolution.

 Housed in stainless steel with a brushed gun-metal finish, the B2 is sleek with an understated elegance. Inside is Final’s single balanced armature driver, which like its looks; delivers a clean and neutral presentation. The replaceable OFC copper cable compliments the design as much as the sound. The B2 tuning is all about clarity and clean detail, with realistic vocals and instruments being naturally reproduced.

 The third in this series has the stainless steel housings coated with a frosty silver finish. Inside are 2 balanced armature drivers, again developed by Final. The replaceable cable is made from silver plated copper and compliments the silver housings to give the whole design a bright and fresh look. With the B3 tuning, Final have provided plenty of width and space. The impressive soundstage and top end extension allow you to pick out the most delicate of sounds.

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About Final

Final create earphones and headphones that people have an affinity for, and continue to use in much the same way they have with a mechanical wristwatch; the kind that will be valued as an antique in the future. To that end, it is necessary to embody the design of the product and the way in which it is considered, including the repair system, as a concrete organisation or structure.

For a review sample or more information about the Final range, please contact John Creigan at marketing@ksdistribution.co.uk or +44 (0)1903 768919.




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