Recommended award given to the Shanling MTW100

Trusted Reviews recommend the Shanling MTW100 True Wireless


Trusted Reviews Recommends the Shanling MTW100


A small package with big promise

“When it comes to sound performance, we had high expectations for the MTW100s – and were pleasantly surprised. These being the “balanced armature” versions, we were expecting requisite performance – and, indeed, the sound produced is clear and “neutral”.”

“Bass is warm and displays plenty of detail and a little punch, while trebles deliver good energy; these buds work well for almost any environment and genre.”

” The Shanling MTW100s aren’t marketed as buds for teleconferencing. However, those who work from home will find themselves well served, with callers on the other end being unable to tell they were being spoken to via a Bluetooth device.”

“From the design to the fit, the sound and almost everything else, the Shanling MTW100 earbuds are a compelling product”

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Shanling invites you to be part of the wireless audio revolution with their launch of the MTW100 True Wireless earphones. Taking its place in the ranks of Shanling created wireless audio equipment, the MTW100 integrates Bluetooth 5.0 with acclaimed sound tuning and advanced technologies to present the ultimate portable listening machine.

To make the MTW100 a special earphone, Shanling has developed two variations of the MTW100 with two different drivers, dynamic and balanced armature. This red version incorporates a single high-quality balanced armature driver in each earpiece to deliver rich and detailed sound with high sensitivity.

MTW100 integrates Bluetooth 5.0 allowing for fast and stable transmission of data and audio signals while significantly reducing battery consumption. A high-performance ceramic antenna ensures constant signal reception, avoiding interruptions during your listening sessions. This advanced chip supports AAC and SBC codecs, making the MTW100 earphones compatible with any Bluetooth device.



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