Final Release The D8000 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Introducing The Final D8000 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Final D8000 Planar Magnetic Headphone

The All-New Final D8000

Final has entered the arena of planar-magnetic headphones with the brand new D8000. This new model combines the delicate high-frequency range of planar magnetic drivers, and the low-frequency  impact of dynamic headphones. The newly developed damping system makes sure the D8000 outperforms any planar-magnetic or dynamic headphone, and redefines sound in a way that only Final can.

Listening to the D8000 will reveal previously unheard details in your music library, and the rich tone will mean you want to listen again and again.

Two years in the making, the D8000 is a breakthrough in planar magnetic design and uses a laser cut, perforated metal mesh to shape the sound. Dubbed the the Air Film Dampening System, this technology, in combination with the spiral coil, creates a unique sound signature that results in heightened bass response when compared to existing planar magnetic headphones. As such the D8000 is able to deliver a sound that not only produces detailed highs but also pleasing bass, and places you right there in the recording studio or concert hall.

The History Of Final & The Development Of The D8000

See into the rich history of Japanese audio brand Final and the groundbreaking science behind their audiophile-level headphone technology.

Planar Magnetic Driver

Innovative Sound

Final D8000 combines the characteristics of planar-magnetic systems and dynamic systems. D8000 is able to convey delicate sounds at high frequencies like typical planar-magnetic types and produces an open-feeling with rich sound at low frequencies, typical for dynamic systems.

Air Film Dampening System

AFDS solves the problem of the diaphragm contacting the magnet, so it is possible to lower the frequency of bass that the driver unit can play. Along with breathable earpads, it made it possible to reproduce bass that combines volume sense and openness, which could before only be expressed in high-end dynamic headphone designs.

Final D8000 Stand

Aluminium Housing

The cutting enclosure made of aluminium magnesium alloy has been cut with high precision. In order to establish the Air Film Dampening System extremely high accuracy is required compared with traditional drivers. By applying a leather paint finish that is used for high-end cameras, Final are also taking measures against unwanted vibrations.

Detachable Cables

Newly developed cables for D8000 include a cable with 3.5mm mini plug termination with 1.5m length for portable use and a 6.35mm standard plug termination for home listening. Optional silver connector cables for various connectors including balanced type are scheduled separately.

Future Proof

In order to be able to use the D8000 for a long time after purchase, Final have designed it so that almost all parts can be disassembled with screws. This enables repair and future upgrades making the D8000 a timeless headphone ready for action for many years.

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