Final and Etymotic at Headroom 2017

Final and Etymotic invite you to join them at the prestigious headphone event on 24th and 25th March at London’s Metropolis Studios.

Final will be showing the brand new FI-BA-SST in-ears for the first time in Europe. These recent additions to the Final lineup promise rich, three-dimensional sound reproduction and beautifully lingering soft high frequencies. A rare treat, not to be missed! Also on display will be the incredible F series in-ear models. Billed as the smallest earphones in the world, these tiny titans bring the driver unit closer to the ear drum to achieve even more realistic, vivid sound quality. Available as three models, the F7200, F4100 and F3100, these must-hear earphones will blow you away. The SONOROUS II and III full-size headphones will also be available to demo. If you haven’t already heard these new SONOROUS models, you need to at Headroom 2017. Bringing top-end tech to an affordable price point, the entry-level SONOROUS models offer a premium experience.

Etymotic will be making their debut appearance at Headroom 2017, with the new top-of-the-line ER-4SR and ER-4XR earphones. The latest models in the ER-4 lineup, the SR offers Studio Reference sound quality with industry-leading performance. The perfect partner to the SR, the ER-4XR promises eXtended Response and delivers more bass than the standard Etymotic sound signature. Designed to be an everyday earphone, the XR is perfect for audiophiles who require a smoother sound.

Location and Booking

Headroom is held in London at Europe’s #1 independent professional recording studio, Metropolis in Chiswick. Metropolis has been the recording and mastering studio of choice for countless artists including Queen, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin and Adele to name but a few.

For more details, and to book tickets to Headroom 2017, visit the official event website:



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