Best Earphones Guide reviews the E50S

Best Earphones Guide review the SoundMAGIC E50S

Best Earphones Guide have awarded the SoundMAGIC E50S a 4.7 out of 5. The site praised the latest addition to to the E Series, saying “the E50S ticks all the boxes and performs brilliantly. Amazing detailed sound with a depth to match – outstanding.”

The site also drew attention to the E50S’ “clean, simple, business like” design and comprehensive range of supplied accessories. When describing the sound of the E50S, Best Earphones Guide noted, “The first things that strikes you when you listen to the SoundMAGIC E50S earphones is the sheer amount of detail – there’s bucket loads and its executed with incredible precision.”

The E50S now sits atop the site’s best earphone list, with the SoundMAGIC E10S also appearing in 3rd place. You can read the full E50S review here.



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