Soundmagic P30 Travel Headphone – Moving Music Headphones

Soundmagic P30 Travel Headphone – Moving Music Headphones

Soundmagic P30

Available in both black or white versions.

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As we head into the holiday season, hearts yearn for the sun, sea and surf of far-flung destinations and ears twitch for suitable sounds. But brains and pockets chime in and mention the likelihood of things getting lost during those carefree moments. With the SoundMAGIC P30 headphones however, excellent quality can be taken along with you which will not cost arms and legs.

Design and appearance

The P30 is built for travel so can fold neatly when not in use and be stored in a rather handsome pouch which is included. When worn, it blends very well and is discreet in terms of looks and sound leakage.

Durability & build quality

For a headphone at this price, the SoundMAGIC P30 is very well put together and will last for many a voyage. The right-angled jack will certainly help when your player/phone is in a pocket or bag as the cable will not undergo much stress or jut out.


The P30 is very light and can be nestled on the head with little danger of discomfort. They grip well to the head and don’t cause discomfort with glasses or sunglasses, also they can be worn around the neck without much danger of getting in the way of the candy floss or latte.

soundmagic p30

Suitability for intended application

Portability and versatility are the watchwords here – so when back from galavanting on foreign shores the P30 is perfect for general use at home and commuting.

Sound isolation

Isolation is good but with music playing, any exterior sounds are banished. The well upholstered earpads prove a good barrier against the droning of jet engines, the whirring of train wheels or the crashing of bumper cars.

Sound characteristics:

Bass (e.g. punch, low extension):

Bass is present in buckets and spades; not to the extent that all other parts are overshadowed but everything has a very solid foundation. There is a little bit of a looseness about it but the mid-range can hold its own.

Mids (e.g. vocals, acoustic instruments):

The mid-range is full and rich, bringing out harmonics and vocals nicely.

Treble (e.g. high hats):

Treble is sharp without being ‘in your face’, allowing the laid-back sound to have great definition. Percussion is not lost on the SoundMAGIC P30 and along with the bass they have, the P30 is well suited to pop and dance music as well as being great all-rounders.

Soundstage & Separation

There’s a good feel of space in the sound and individual instruments can be picked out with ease. At the same time it all hangs together to give an impressively powerful performance when called on to do so.


Easy to fold and pack away
Good to keep around the neck
Light and strong 90 degree jack
Sound quality


You may not hear that approaching seagull!

The perfect companion for the traveller or commuter who wants a cheap option but who will not compromise on sound quality. The SoundMAGIC P30 is of strong and light construction and will provide a great soundtrack to any journey.

50% off this Bank Holiday Weekend

soundmagic p30 travel headphones

Available in both black or white versions.

The SoundMAGIC P30S Headphones with microphone and single button music controls are also now available.



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