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michael kors hamilton 30t03hms3l”At the same time, many doubt that ordinary Hong Kongers — much like ordinary people anywhere — will commit an act of civil disobedience for the sake of an electoral principle. A poll in October showed tmichael kors wallets macys sale zzlnVuhat only 25 % supported the Occupy Central movement, and much has been made over the fact that the three options put forward to the public at the referendum were selected from a broader group of proposals by just 2,500 core activists. The owners of downtown businesses — the area is home to luxury hotels, banks, brand-name boutiques and exclusive malls — are making contingency plans and fretting over the impact that the protest will have on trade.,michael kors navy blue and white handbag Beijing has already fired its warning salvo. “The government may cover their ears and eyes,” she says, “but this is like a fire —they can’t get away from the smell. Beijing would regard it as a supreme loss of face, if it was forced to the negotiating table by a group of slogan-chanting democracy activists.michael kors jetsetter crossbody

michael kors handbag black friday deals )“What about the ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, or if someone goes into labor and can’t get to a hospital?” asks Chow.While the proposal for a publicly nominated CE has broad support in Hong Kong, the same cannot be said of the sit-in. However, Emily Lau, a Hong Kong legislator who has come out strongmichael kors wallets macys sale zzlnVuly in favor of Occupy Central, expresses the common fear that these privileges may be evaporating.,michael kors handbags rm But fires can get extinguished — sometimes rapidly.Occupy Central’s fiercest antagonist, however, is the former government broadcaster Robert Chow. The only possible outcome, therefore, is the surrender or forcible removal of the protesters, either by the police, or — as has been darkly hinted at in recent weeks — by the People’s Liberation Army garrison, if needs require it.michael kors outlet foxwoods

michael kors bag outlet shop (The amateurish and hilariously overblown video they made to publicize this scenarmichael kors wallets macys sale zzlnVuio probably doesn’t do them any favors, however. I know [Occupy Central] is effective because [the idea of it] has upset so many.” Many interpret the timing of the document’s release as a warning to the Occupy activists.,michael kors womens glasses rose colored Because a couple of thousand people want this, the rest of Hong Kong should sit on their asses and say nothing? This is a democracy!”Nominally, that is true. The idea was simple: because Central’s street are so narrow, densely packed and traffic-choked, it would only take few thousand people, perhaps even a few hundred, to paralyze one of the world’s great financial centers by staging a sit-in. However, Emily Lau, a Hong Kong legislator who has come out strongmichael kors wallets macys sale zzlnVuly in favor of Occupy Central, expresses the common fear that these privileges may be evaporating.michael kors handbags dillards

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