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michael kors hamilton purses on sale So it seems ironic that the proposed solution is even more secrecy. “Prior to impact, the mishap aircraft provided low-altitude warnings,” the probe said. The alarm goes off when the plane is in a place where a 5 G escape maneuver would be needed to avoid crashing into the ground (the F-16 can maneuver at up to 9 Gs, or nine times the force of gravity.,michael kors crossbody white navy “Reductions in the [CFIT] rates have long been stagnant and no large improvements from training are envisioned for the future,”michael kors handbags outlet indonesia 2M8aXA an Air Force report said in 2006. So it seems ironic that the proposed solution is even more secrecy.”That’s when the Air Force, with help from NASA and F-16-builder Lockheed Martin, got to work on the robo-pilot now being installed on F-16s (109 already have them, and all 631 are slated to by next summer, according to Air Force spokesman Daryl Mayer.michael kors outlet watches online

michael kors white ceramic watches for women The system is likely to be added to the service’s F-22 and F-35 warplanes. “World-class organizations,” he told the Air Force and the other services, “do not tolerate preventable accidents. This tendency even has its own grim acronym: CFIT (pronounced see-fit), for “controlled flight into terrain.,michael kors handbags jcpenney”Too often, the pilot’s attmichael kors handbags outlet indonesia 2M8aXAention has been “channelized”—so focused on completing a demanding maneuver—that while the a2+ Operational Flight Program gives those fighter pilots an especially nifty new feature: it keeps them from flying into the ground and killing themselves.”But more training could only accomplish so much.michael kors womens boerum sneakers

michael kors haley bag It seems that part of Ohio’s, and other states’, problems stemmed from their secrecy. “However the mishap pilot did not take timely corrective action. This tendency even has its own grim acronym: CFIT (pronounced see-fit), for “controlled flight into terrain.,michael kors camille rose gold bracelet watch In the past, such alarms would sound—but it was up to the pilot to respond to the warning.”The push to do something finally kicked into high gear in 2003, when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld challenged the military to cut its accident rate in half.Shortly after the alarm sounds—the duration depends on the flight’s specifics—the plane’s “Autmichael kors handbags outlet indonesia 2M8aXAomatic Ground Collision Avoidance System” takes over.michael kors v?skor fr?n usa

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