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michael kors coupons 2015 ”— Over the weekend, as if to prove Gates’ point, boosters of North Carolina’s Fort Bragg said they were readying to fight any proposal to shrink or close the post.MOAABut this slugfest comes as no surprise to anyone who has been monitoring the defense-budget debate in recent years:— Former defense secretary Robert Gates, in his new book, Duty, views much of Congress as little more than scavengers, plucking carrion from the U. The average enlisted person now earns, in all forms of compensation, more than 90% of his or her civilian counterparts; officers are paid more than 83% of civilians with similar education and experience.,michael kors wallet black and beige But it’s telling that Bragg’s backers already are preparing to preserve the post’s 70,000 soldiers and civilians, and are seeking even more. More than four out of fivmichael kors handbags jet set chain Coo1Ype veterans never get a pension because they have served fewer than 20 years in uniform, although they are eligible for health care and other benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Treasury to keep wasteful military spending pouring into their districts.michael kors backpack cost

michael kors marina denim”— Over the weekend, as if to prove Gates’ point, boosters of North Carolina’s Fort Bragg said they were readying to fight any proposal to shrink or close the post.”Alex Lemons, a former Marine sniper who served three tours in Iraq, is torn by the debate.”It appears likely that Congress will reverse course on the veterans’ pension cut.,michael kors wallets for women at macys ”Alex Lemons, a former Marine sniper who served three tours in Iraq, is torn by the debate. The fact that lawmakers can’t make a minor trim to a benefit enjoyed by a minority (retired veterans under 62) of a minority (once again, less than one in five vets is eligible for a pension) doesn’t bode well for the wholesale revamping that the World War II-era milimichael kors handbags jet set chain Coo1Yptary personnel system needs.andon Friedman, who served as an infantry officer with the Army in Afghanistan and Iraq.michaelkorsoutletcanadaca

michael kors womens vests “Any defense facility or contract in their district or state, no matter how superfluous or wasteful, was sacrosanct,” he writes. “I took lives and watched lives be taken.But that masks the growth in per-troop compensation, which has increased by 60% since 9/11, not counting inflation.,michael kors discount bags at outlet They might ask you, `Will michael kors handbags jet set chain Coo1Ypthe guys in that platoon like this beef jerky or these potato chips?’ or `How have things been, emotionally, since you got back?’ Would anyone out there in the civilian world ask these questions? No.Besides, in the overall scheme of government spending, the veterans make a fair point: civilian entitlements, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have ballooned, while dollars dedicated tomichael kors handbags jet set chain Coo1Yp defense have shrunk markedly as a share of the federal budget. “I was constantly amazed and infuriated at the hypocrisy of those who most stridently attacked the Defense Department as inefficient and wasteful but fought tooth and nail to preventmichael kors handbags jet set chain Coo1Yp any reduction in defense activities in their home state or district.baby michael kors shoes

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