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michael kors wallets red It’s too big …” He didn’t see his attitude as racist, just a practical reaction to a racist world. He had a mixed-race girlfriend. Several of their recent decisions, invalidating key parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and striking down affirmative action, were based on the court’s assessment that “We’ve come a long way, baby” since the civil rights movement of the 1960s.,michael kors fulton flat grey” Bam! Done! Mic drop!Still notmichael kors bags collection hg9EnZ convinced?How about the U. Also, 52% displayed anti-Hispanic biases. Why is it that the people who are declaring racism dead are mostly white? Because if you’re not a targeted group, you don’t notice it.michael kors bags latest

handbags michael kors sale black But, as recent events have proved, this race is a marathon and President Obama is merely a milestone, not the finish line.Racism today isn’t like the racism pre–Martin Luther King Jr.One symptom of the malady is the many apologists using the election of President Obama as proof that racism doesn’t exist in the U.,michael kors 30s4gtvt2lThe finish line is when racism no longer exists, not when people claim it doesn’t exismichael kors bags collection hg9EnZt because they personally don’t notice it. A 2012 Associated Press poll showed that 51% of Americans expressed anti-black attitudes, up from 48% in a 2008 survey. And we aren’t doing ourselves any good by saying, “I feel fine.mk bags in outlet in sawgrass mall

michael kors outlet opry mills A 2012 Associated Press poll showed that 51% of Americans expressed anti-black attitudes, up from 48% in a 2008 survey.” Fox News’ Eric Bolling seconded that by saying, “Is there racism? I don’t believe there’s racism.Basically, he’s sayimichael kors bags collection hg9EnZng, “It’s not me.,michael kors watch discount This country needs a social colonoscopy to look for the hidden racist polyps. I’m surprised they didn’t close their decision with a wink and a “Can you dig it?”Well, go tell it on the moumichael kors bags collection hg9EnZntain, Justices, because down here in the flatlands of daily living, racism isn’t just alive, but it’s cloning faster than Sean Hannity can backpedal his support of Cliven Bundy. Today we are faced with “situational racism.michael kors watch sale the bay

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