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michael kors sale jet set Ratan Tata, one of India’s richest men, said we should focus on the malnutrition and housing woes that still hold back the developing Gkhw4Sworld. But between the three of us — though sleep-deprived and inexperienced — we managed to come up with a pretty decent idea. We were broken into groups again, and tasked with designing a contest that would help cities prepare and bounce back from the next big natural disaster.,how much are michael kors bags at the outlet I took the future of cities on the first day, where New York University’s Paul Romer, who told us that “cities are where the action is.) We did not advance. Shaifali Puri, the executive director for global innovation at Nike, told us to aim for a “moon shot for girls,” to find a way to ensure that tens of millions of girls around the world received the education and protection they needed to flourish.michael kors black small purse

michael kors watches layton chronograph watch Our rationale was that the Internet is now the most important communication hub we have, as vital a resource in the aftermath of disaster as food and water — and not just because you can’t tweet about a disaster if you can’t get online.A. The prize was won not by a navigator or ship’s captain — the class Gkhw4Sof experts who had been trying and failing to discover a solution — but by a clock maker named John Harrison.,selma michael kors purses Before centralized government and corporate R&D boomed in the post-WWII era, one of the best ways to encourage innovation was through a prize contest. (It was the Orteig Prize that directly inspired the Ansari XPRIZE for space travel.We honed our pitch and made it through the initial stages, where the entire Visioneering conference is brought together to vote on different ideas.michael kors handbag style number 30f3mlms7e

michael kors eyeglasses for women 2016 I should have known that my group’s idea — loosely centered around finding a way to provide infinite water to urban households — might be in trouble when we began debating whether to play Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” during the pitch.”To do that, we needed ideas, and we slotted ourselves into different tracks for brainstorm sessions.s won’t just help the world, they’ll be helping themselves — starting with the multi-million dollar checks that come with an XPRIZE win.,michael kors crossbody bag sale The prize was won not by a navigator or ship’s captain — the class Gkhw4Sof experts who had been trying and failing to discover a solution — but by a clock maker named John Harrison. We were even one of the five pitches that went up against each other in th Gkhw4Se finals on Saturday night—but no fault of Pat’s, we eventually went down in defeat, as the entiA.-2Mq1GE">michael kors black riding boots at dsw

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